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Advanced Series

Advanced kits

Controller + Plug&Play pre-assembled installation.
UNE-EN 81-20 and EN 81-50.

Reliability, connectivity and efficiency are the adjectives that best define the ADVANCED series of controllers and installations.

Adaptable to any space and power in any type of installation, the range covers from 2-speed electric up to 50 Amp, VF open/closed loop from 2.2 kW to 45 kW* and hydraulic from 38 to 185 Amp. ADVANCED controllers are the ideal solution for residential buildings, hotels, buildings equipped with fire fighting systems, outdoor installations or installations adapted to explosive environments with ATEX protection.

All of this is enhanced by the simplicity of connection of your installation, the agility of configuration and the security offered by the connectivity of the EDELCONNECT system, which will keep you informed in real time of the status of the controller and its peripherals.

*ask about other powers.

Solutions for every building

Fully adaptable controllers

General features:

  • EN 81/20 and EN 81-50 standards.
  • Up to 29 stops in mixed controllers (CAN bus and wire-to-wire).
  • Up to 35 stops in total CAN bus.
  • Up to 1.4 m/s with magnet positioning.
  • Up to 4 m/s with absolute encoder positioning.
  • Format: CCM (with machine room), SCM (without machine room) and MDP (door frame) with the same control board.
  • Operation in Simplex, Duplex, Triplex and Quadruplex by connecting a single cable between the controllers.
  • Cabinets optimised in size and functionality.
  • K2-64MDP motherboard with integrated programming console. Menu in 4 languages.
  • Cabin positioning by magnets or absolute encoder.
  • Compatible with EDELCONNECT, full bi-directional connectivity from mobile or PC/MAC for automatic alerts and controller programming menu.
  • Guaranteed energy efficiency.
  • A single cabin hose for standard and pre-assembled Advanced K2 controllers.
  • Inverter Fuji Lift2 with Advanced console or Ziehl-Abegg.
  • Series voltage 48 V AC. (According to regulations).
  • Multi-voltage transformer to adapt elements of the installation.
  • Silent side contact relays.
  • Option for Universal configuration, registered in descent / ascent and descent.
  • Screen-printed and colour-coded connectors installed in the pre-assembled controller. Reduces connection errors and assembly times.
  • Recognition of shaft, number of stops and maximum travel time.
  • Option of single-phase, 3VF or three-phase operator control with up to two loads as standard.
  • Programming of the performance of each boarding by floor from the console.
  • Direction, lift busy, and door open indicator lights 24V DC.
  • Next direction of travel signal.
  • Call cancellation function using buttons on the cabin button panel (programmable).
  • Call lights 24 V DC.
  • Short or very short floor function integrated in the console.
  • Option for timed cabin light.
  • Available for narrow shafts and reduced clearances EN 81-21.
  • CAN bus communication for peripherals (displays, direction arrows, gong, etc...)
    simplifying installation and enhancing performance.
  • 3VF controllers have an energy-saving option with the Stand-by function.
  • Quick connection device for the initial assembly of the lift. It makes it easy for the operator to connect a control assembly for shaft and series bridging.
  • Certificate of electromagnetic compatibility according to current standards and EU compliance statements.
  • and much more...

Advanced K2-64MDP motherboard

One single motherboard for all types of lifts

Don't have a multitude of electronics

Developed by our R&D department, it guarantees total customisation to the requirements of a modern lift. Its format allows installation in any type of controller: In this way we simplify the stock required by the customer.

When the board is connected to the controller, it will automatically carry out a test to check the type of lift (2V-VF-hydraulic), configuring and adapting itself autonomously, thus facilitating the operator's task.

Total connectivity in receiving the status of the installation, modifying parameters and resetting with the new EDELCONNECT platform, accessible from PC, Mac or mobile device (free service for our customers).

General features:

  • 16-character, 2-line backlit LCD display, showing version information, date/time, lift position by floor and mm (with encoder positioning) and installation status data.
  • Programming of a wide range of parameters: times, boardings, functionalities, etc.
  • Colour-coded connectors for easy identification of the different connections in the installation.
  • Expansion of inputs/outputs by means of the EDEL-64297 Expand-01 board. Connects contacts, sensors, pumps...
  • Electronic signature of peripherals, linking the electronics of the entire installation.
  • Adaptable to all standards: EN 81-20, EN 81-50, EN 81-1...
  • Information and storage of the last 100 faults by text indicating the type of fault, date and time, starting and destination floors, door status or number of trips between faults.
  • Buttons for cabin movement checking from the control panel.
  • Easy scrolling through the menu thanks to the buttons installed on the console.
  • Relays, series, drive and cam with mounting for easy replacement.
  • Programming of functionality according to time periods.
  • Automatic traffic for testing the whole installation.
  • LEDs indicate the status of the units.
  • Short or very short floor option.
  • Selection of double loading and selective double loading.
  • Auxiliary relay for forced ventilation of the motor.
  • Programming menu language selection (up to 3 per board version): Spanish, English, French, Portuguese, Italian.
  • 3 CAN bus ports for connectivity of cabin, exterior and devices compatible with EDEL CAN bus.
  • Connector for mounting plate. Makes it easy for the operator to connect the board for operation in mounted mode.
  • Compatible with KRN and EDEL-64291 (CAN bus) cabin installation boards.
  • Total connectivity with EDELCONNECT.
  • and much more...


    We work with the best brands

    Lift controllers manufactured with the best components and certified in accordance with all applicable regulations.

    Because every component matters and is essential for optimum performance and longevity, at EDEL we carefully select each of the elements that make up our equipment.

    From a simple electronic component to our motherboard designs, through differentials and circuit breakers to components as important as the frequency inverter, we carefully study the characteristics and functionality of each element to guarantee optimum operation of the entire assembly.

    This is why so many of our systems are still working perfectly more than 30 years after their installation.

    Ensuring the safety of our equipment is paramount, as we are always aware that we are transporting people.


    Pre-assembled electrical installation

    Advanced Series

    Plug & Play system for EN81-20 and EN81-50 standards.

    Pioneers in the design and manufacture of this element, our brand continually implements and redesigns its systems to continue to be the benchmark in the market.

    Our engineers maintain the standards we have set since our founding: Our approach to peripheral distribution, the marking of all the hoses and the great ease of identifying wires and devices (thanks to a colour identification system) facilitate the installation in the shaft, reducing the hours spent on assembly. The metal cabin roof inspection box is designed with sufficient space to house possible elements that the installation may require in the future in order to adapt it to new regulations or functionalities.

    The two available installation variants enable the installer to communicate with the cabin via CAN bus and outside use the traditional wire-to-wire system per floor.

    The total CAN bus system consists of a small device installed on each floor, connected with a 4-conductor hose, through which we can control a multitude of devices such as displays, next departure arrows, etc.

    100% of our installations are tested before being shipped to our customers. This, together with the fact that connectors and marking are provided on all peripheral leads, minimises  the possibility of equipment commissioning failures.


    • 1

      MDP CONTROLLER Designed for installations without a machine room. The controller is located in a special door frame, with frequency and power converter installed in the shaft. Allows for any type of rescue.

    • 2

      SCM CONTROLLER Designed for installations without a machine room. It is installed entirely on the landing of the building. Allows for any type of rescue.

    • 3

      CONNECTION OF CONTROLLER TO MOTOR Hoses connecting motor and encoder have Weidmuller connectors.

    • 4

      MDP CONNECTION WITH POWER UNIT Exclusive connection with MDP controllers (door frame) with connectors.

    • 5

      SHAFT INSTALLATION Plug&Play  Hose with floor signal connectors, safety features and pit elements. The control signals for graphic displays are routed through separate hoses with the same characteristics.

    • 6

      CABIN POSITIONING SYSTEM Standard control by magnets. Absolute encoder system with CAN bus communication to the controller for millimetric control of the cabin movement. Stability of cabin positioning even in the event of a power failure.

    • 7

      CABIN BUTTON PANEL Cabin button panel, LCD/TFT or seven-segment displays as chosen by the customer. Intercoms and emergency telephones. Connection with inspection box via plug & play connectors

      Buttons with Touchless contactless technology.

    • 8

      BUTTON PANELS AND EXTERNAL DISPLAYS Position indication systems, next departure arrows, gong, etc. Wide range of buttons to comply with applicable regulations.

    • 9

      ALARM SYSTEMS AND FIRE FIGHTER FUNCTIONS Adapted to any regulation and installation to guarantee optimum operation. 

    • 10

      SHAFT ELEMENTS Shaft boxes with safety elements, shaft stop and controls in accordance with European standard EN81-20. Strip of LED lights.

    • 11

      GEARLESS MOTORS New generation motors with reduced fuel consumption.

    • 12

      SEISMIC SYSTEM  Seismic motion alarm system

    • 13

      END OF RUN By contact blade or sheaves.

    • 14

      FLAT HOSE, CONTROLLER AND CABIN INTERCONNECTION Advanced Series: CAN bus communication. Series and signals for all elements located in the cabin with quick connectors at both ends. 1 flat hose for all connections.

    • 15

      INSPECTION BOX WITH REMOTE CONTROL Metal box containing the CAN bus connection interface for the control and distribution of all the cabin elements. With standard alarm in accordance with regulations. It has additional space to accommodate all the necessary elements depending on the type of installation. Interconnection of cabin displays with CAN-BUS and binary communication.

    • 16

      GSM DEVICE (Voice and data) For compliance with standard 81-28 or for EdelConnect controller communication (optional).

    A world of possibilities

    Advanced complete installation


    Advanced inspection box

    Optional elements


    CAN bus external communication

    Ziehl-Abegg inverters

    Labelled cable groups with Plug&Play connectors

    Installation with standard EN 81-20/50

    Plug&Play cable groups.

    edel Technical Services

    Customisation of button panels

    Customised configuration


    We manufacture according to the requirements of the building and adapt to any standards and regulations.

    Aware that every building has its own special characteristics, our manufacturing processes are extremely versatile. We adapt every last detail of our product to the lift, carrying out individual installations, always in accordance with the wide variety of regulations that our sector demands.

    • All our products are manufactured according to directives 2014/33/EU, 2014/30/EU, 2014/35/EU.
    • Hoses and wiring according to standards UNE EN-50214 and UNE EN-60332-1-2
    • European Standards UNE EN 81-20 and UNE EN 81-50
    • EN 81-21:2018
      EN 81-28:2018+AC:2019
      EN 81-70:2018
      EN 81-71:2018+AC:2019
      EN 81-72:2015
      EN 81-73:2016
    • Standards for South America.
    • Shaft and Clearance Standards.
    • Firefighting regulations.
    • ATEX regulations for programmable electrical installations applicable to explosive environments, manufacturing each part manually, certifying all the elements according to the requirements of the standard.
    • EN 81-76


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    Fax: 0034 936 99 18 62

    Email: comercial@edelsl.com


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