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Control the operation of your controller conveniently from your internet-connected devices.

Easily access all the configuration options through simple and intuitive menus

We present EDELCONNECT, the first online connectivity platform that will allow you to manage your EDEL controller portfolio through your computer or mobile phone, providing your operators with a tool that will increase the effectiveness of their work.

Guarantee your customers maximum service by providing real-time control of their controllers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as you operate them remotely, thus avoiding unnecessary travel.

The EDELCONNECT interface gives you access to a wide range of options:

  • Receive real-time alerts, diagnose the incident and assess whether on-site intervention is necessary or whether it can be resolved through EDELCONNECT.
  • Control, modify, reset, correct and consult programming parameters thanks to the REMOTE CONSOLE option.
  • Consult the fault history of the installation, control access and include notes with personalised instructions.
  • Get the specific location of each controller and the best route to get there using Google Maps. International coverage.

The practical EDELCONNECT menus will allow you to supervise a wide range of variables detailing the lift's operation, informing you about its status through an interactive map and an intuitive system of icons and colours.

You will benefit from automatic and absolutely free platform updates, which you will not need to install on your controller as it is an online system.


EDELCONNECT is compatible with the installed base of K2 and Advanced K2 boards via firmware update and GSM EDEL-775/875.

Get connected to quality of service. Get connected to EDELCONNECT.

  • Monitor installation status in real time

  • Locate your controllers on the map and get the best route to reach them.

  • REMOTE CONSOLE: Operate with the same precision as you would in person

  • Receive real-time fault alerts

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