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K3 Series

K3 - Homelift

The small controller for big projects

Specially designed for goods lifts, HomeLifts and platforms for people with reduced mobility. Different types of configuration for making the call: interlocked, constant or mixed according to the desired application.

The compact design allows a considerable reduction of the size of the controller cabinet to a size of 500 x 300 x 150 mm.

The EDEL 74278C board has been designed by EDEL to control any type of controller, hydraulic or electric, single- or two-speed, reducing the number of spare parts required to a minimum.

Easy to install, it provides simple start-up and subsequent maintenance, indicating by means of LEDs the activation of the input and output signals, as well as the status of the unit. It also has an LCD screen and built-in buttons with which to configure the controller, make the necessary parameter adjustments and view incidents, which are clearly displayed with explanatory text and are stored for later consultation, indicating additional data at the time of the incident such as the floor where the cabin was located, the direction of travel, etc.

Technical features:

  • Adjustment of parameters using the console: times, configurations, functions, etc.
  • Fault signalling by means of LCD display on console indicating: fault code, description, speed, direction, destination, type of reset, etc.
  • Fault history (100 latest incidents).
  • Automatic detection and recording of number of stops, distance between stops and total travel time.
  • Lockout due to excessive travel time.
  • A single motherboard for all types of lifts reduces the number of spare parts.
  • Fast interpretation of the input and output signals to and from the control panel by means of LEDs on the control board.
  • Series of locks and contactors at 110 V.
  • Output for binary positional indicator (rotating display, LCD or TFT).
  • Output for single-phase and 3 VF automatic door.
  • Output for illuminated buttons at 24V DC
  • Output for signalling: door open, operating, up and down 24V, 110V and 230V.
  • Input for full and excess load.
  • Relays with mounting for easy replacement.


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